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ba, Cyprus, Argentina, Greece, Cambodia and Rwanda boomed more than 200 percent, according to TMall Global.In addition, innovations in marketing modes are boosting international product sales. This year, e▓-commerce platforms including Tmall, AliExpress and L

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ne 30, most functions will be done online across countryChina will f▓urther simplify the process of setting up foreign-invested enterprises to promote its high-standard of liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment, the State Council decided at an executive meeting chaired by Premier L▓i Keqiang on Wednesday.One-stop service and a single require

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d form will be needed to file and register a foreign-invested enterprise. The whole process will be conducted online and free of charge. This practice, which will▓ take effect on June 30, is expected to significantly shorte▓n the time required to start a foreign-invested enterprise.Real-time shari▓ng and coordinated management of information

on foreign-invested enterprises will be promoted▓ among the banking, customs, taxation and foreign exchange authoritie▓s. Government inspection will also be strengthened to ensure▓ that measures are fully implemented.In the Government Work Report this year, Li said procedures to set up foreign-invested enterprises wo▓uld be simplified and business filings and business registrations would be processed simultaneously together.The premier said at the meeting that consol▓idating the filing and registration procedures for such enterprises is a matter of high significance. He called for all government departments concerned to fully collaborate and coordinate their work to make things easie▓r for such enterprises.According to the Commerce Ministry, over 35,600 foreign-invested enterprises were set up in 2017, up by 27.8 percent year-on-year. Foreign investment rose 7.9 percent from 2016, hitting a new high of 877.5 billion yuan ($▓137.6 billion).Measures were also adopted at the meeting to establish a unified e-platform for accessing government services and to have items that require an office visit to be done in one place in a single visit.All government services will be put on this platform unless laws stipulate otherwise or to protect confidentiality. The government wi▓ll remain committed to a unified e-platform for all government services and link separate ▓networks. In principle, no department will be allowed to set up an independent system."Government▓ services are to serve public good and hence must be universally accessible. Current technologies have made it po▓ssible to do many things online," Li said. "What's important is to introduce a unified e-platform for all government services by linking the separate networks."The State Council also deci▓ded that the procedures for accessing government services will be further simplified. There will be no repeated requirement for materials that can be shared and reused. Electronic licenses will▓ be more widely introduced, and their reciprocal recognition will be further promoted.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Instagram▓Please scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatGreek enterprises to explore China market through 1st int'l import expo ▓in ShanghaiGreek enterprises to explore China market through 1st int'l import expo in ShanghaiGreek enterprises to explore China market through 1st int'l import expo in Shanghai03-30-2018 17:1

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